Conor McGregor bought a Lamborghini Yacht

Conor McGregor bought a Lamborghini Yacht

Professional belligerent Conor McGregor decided to take to sea during his peacetime downtime, and splurged on a yacht to do so. As The Notorious is an avid car collector, perhaps it stands to reason that his choice of luxury watercraft is a Lamborghini. He has three or four Lambo landlubbers already, so the acquisition will seamlessly integrate into an Italian surf and turf aggregate.

Conor McGregor bought a Lamborghini Yacht

The yacht in question is Lamborghini’s inaugural ocean-goer, the Tecnomar 63, which is the product of a design confluence; yacht-maker The Italian Sea Group joined Lamborghini at the blackboard to create what Lamborghini calls ‘…an automotive yacht.’ Something of a luxuriant speedboat, the craft’s lines arise from the automaker’s Sian hypercar. Besides the Sian, the Tecnomar 63 takes inspiration from the Countach and Miura models, and borrows design fundamentals for the hard top from Lambo’s roadsters.

Conor McGregor bought a Lamborghini Yacht

Tellurian or Neptunian, a discussion of a new Lambo conveyance begins with engine talk, and this one packs a couple of MAN V12 diesels that collectively pump out 4,000 horsepower, enough to push the yacht to a blistering top speed: 60 knots. The boat’s low weight helps; for such a long luxury yacht, the Tecnomar 63 is very lightweight; there’s a lot of carbon fiber in this Lamborghini, too, and the speedboat can be classified as ‘ultralight’.

Only 63 of these special yachts will be built—with endless color and interior options for personalization—before production ends. McGregor’s purchase is number 12. Price starts at $3.5 million.

Conor McGregor bought a Lamborghini Yacht
Conor McGregor bought a Lamborghini Yacht



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