Pierros Mykonos the legendary bar

Pierros mykonos

The idea of Pierros Mykonos bar establish by Andreas Koutsoukos a local Mykonian fisherman and the famous Italian artist  Pierro Aversa. The summer of 1972 the bar opened it’s doors for first time. It was a place to have a relaxing drink before dinner.

The first season it was a very chilling spot and the Pierros bar used to close at 12:00 o clock at night. The Mykonian fisherman Andreas got married to an American girl and decided to spent he’s winter in New York. He started making friends there, Bar owners and businessmen. He got amazed and inspired by the disco music witch started to flourish in America back then.

1973 Pierros Aversa is selling his share

Pierros Aversa he was an artist and not used to the nightlife so he decided to withdraw and Andreas bought the entire place. Nobody knew by that time that such a small place in Mykonos could begin writing history for more than 30 years and become a Myth today.

During the months he spent in New York, he was looking to find music that did not yet exist in Greece. He had met people from the music industry and they were the first to give him the records.

Tourists came to Pierro’s in the summer and listened to the first tracks that would become hits next winter.

Pierros mykonos
Pierros mykonos

Pierros Bar Attracting Celebrities

All the famous from all around the world started coming to Pierro’s.  The most famous fashion designers went through the store. From Gianfranco Ferrè, Jean Paul Gaultier to Valentino and Billy Bo. Every week there was a party with a different theme and dress code. At that time, people had fun free, without journalists and paparazzi. The unique characteristic of Mykonos island was that the locals were discreet and would not judge anyone, the ultimate freedom for everyone.

Greece in the ’70s was not so receptive. Homosexuality was prohibited by law and a small shop in Matogiannia offered plenty of freedom and challenge, something that disturbed the moral framework of the time. The drag shows of course continued throughout Pierro’s life and lasted until the end.




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