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Mykonos Activities

Daily Cruise

Exploring the exquisite Mykonos island in your own Yacht, Sailing boat or Speed boat. Full day sailing trips or sunset cruises.

Tour mykonos

Mykonos Tours

Get ready to visit the best spots in Mykonos. The private tour in Mykonos will be a lifetime experience with a lot of fun.

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Helicopter Ride

Have you ever imagined yourself arriving somewhere with a helicopter? or you just want to make the most of your holidays. Let's fly.

Mykonos Activities

Yoga Classes

Yoga Improves Your Stamina and Reduces Stress. No Body Is the Wrong Type. Connect with Nature through Yoga Practice Mykonos.

Private Driver

Jeep Adventure

Rent your off road Jeep in Mykonos and begin the adventure. Discover all the secret spots around the island.

Mykonos Activities

ATV Tours

Boost your adrenaline by getting your ATV on the road, feel the freedom and explore in the most popular way.

Mykonos Activities

Water Sports

Either you want to be athletic or just have fun,do not miss the opportunity to try our watersports today in Mykonos.

Mykonos Activities

Horse's Riding

Horse riding is a lifetime experience,come close with nature by riding in a small paths that lead to the beach.

Mykonos Activities

Massage Therapist

It's time to relax and get a good Massage in Mykonos. Our therapist offer a full hour or more of various massage techniques to relieve you of stress and get you into a new world.

Mykonos Activities

Personal Training

Our team of coaches pride themselves on being great teachers first, and will simplify and guide you through effective exercises to fit whatever goal you might have.

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Are you looking for Mobile Hairdresser services ? we offer now the best Hairstylist in Mykonos and the most famous in Greece. We can take you there or we can bring him at your place.