Mykonos Tour in 3 hours

Mykonos Tour

Can you really see all Mykonos island in 3 hours ?

You are coming for holidays in Mykonos and you want to see everything, but in the same time you want to enjoy the lifestyle and spend time on your journey with your friends, so how you can do both ? keep reading because you are about to find out how you can see most of Mykonos in  only 3  hours Mykonos Tour.

Best Spots in 3 hours Mykonos Tour

  • The Lighthouse Armenistis
  • Houlakia
  • Agios Stefanos
  • Little Venice
  • Windmills
  • Korfos Beach
  • Ornos Beach
  • Nammos Village
  • Platis Gialos Beach
  • Mykonos Town (chora)

Get Ready to visit the best Spots

So you rent a car or your scooter in Mykonos and you want to start, but where is the best place to begin your Tour? if you are close to the central (chora) the best spot to start is the Lighthouse Armenistis. This beautiful Spot is up the hill and offers a breathtaking view of the Aegean sea.It is something you have to see before you walk back to the airport, trust me.

Heading  back to town, we will pass by 2 beaches Houlakia and Agios Stefanos where we can make a short stop for photos if we feel like it. Otherwise, if we run out of time because your cruise ship is leaving in 3 hours, we can keep going to see more hot spots in Mykonos.

ornos beach

Our next stop is Ornos Beach, a family friendly beach with romantic hotels, and ideal for swimming, Ornos is also one of Mykonos trendiest, most popular and crowded beaches. It offers lots of restaurants and places to stay, and it is a frequent stop of many boats and yachts. But actually before Ornos Beach we will see on our way Korfos Beach, this is a place for people who love water sports activities. We have spent almost one hour and we have seen 5 hot spots already.

The next destination we can visit now is the popular Nammos Village, it is 10 minutes from Ornos Beach but 2 minutes away from Platis Gialos. This is a lively village and resort anchored by its namesake beach, a sandy stretch in a sheltered bay lined with waterfront bars, tavernas, and seafood restaurants. Summer activities include yachting, windsurfing, and parasailing on the Aegean.

Hot spots Mykonos
Hot spots Mykonos
Best things to do in Mykonos

Get Lost in Town of Mykonos

We are on the way back to the city center. It is time to visit the most iconic place of Mykonos island. The Windmills and the Little Venice area, the most romantic spot.Take your time here, it will be a lifetime memory for you and your friends, take your photos and share the love. From this spot we can walk downtown and get ready to get lost in the heart of the island, by the end of are walking journey, we will be back to the port and next to our cruise ship. Hope you find this helpful for your Holidays in Mykonos. We know that many people are having a limited time to spend on the island ,but if you follow are Mykonos Tour we ensure that you will make the most of it. Feel free to contact with us for more information.



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