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How did Mykonos get its name?

Welcome to Greece’s most famous cosmopolitan island,Mykonos Mythology a whitewashed paradise in the heart of the Cyclades. According to mythology, Mykonos was formed from the petrified bodies of giants killed by Hercules. History of Mykonos Greece. It is said that the island was named after the local hero Mykons, who was worshipped in antiquity and was considered to be a son or a grandson of the god Apollo. The island’s principal town is Mykonos town, also called “Chora”.

How old is Mykonos Town?

According to historical sources and archaeological finds on Mykonos, the ancient city of the island was established in the 11th century B.C. by the Ionians, one of the four major Greek tribes of Ancient Greece. Ionians from Athens and their leader settled in the place that today is called Chora


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Delos Myths and History

Delos is the sacred island of ancient Greeks which according to the mythology was revealed in Lito who was persecuted from Ira through the waves of Aegean, in order to give birth to her son Apollo and her daughter Artemis. In Delos exists the ruins of one of the bigger and very impressively organized settlements of Greco-Roman antiquity. The island firstly inhabited the 3rd millenium b.c. probably from “Kares”.

Delos is one of the smallest islands in the Aegean (just 6.85 km2) but it is the most famous and sacred of all islands in antiquity since, according to the legend, it was there that Apollo-Helios, god of daylight, and Artemis-Selene, goddess of night light, were born. So this small island was the birthplace of light, precious for Greeks.



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