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Mykonos & Celebrities

Mykonos Celebrities , For more than 50 years, the island of Mykonos has been one of the most popular destinations for celebs and the top world’s elite. Since the early 60s it has drawn celebrities from all over the world and during the years the beautiful island has been greeting names such as

  • Brigitte Bardot
  • Aristotele Onassis
  • Jackie Kennedy 
  • Maria Kallas
  • Princess Soraya (princess of Persia)
  • Grace Kelly
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Richard Barton
  • Marlon Brando
  • Rita Heyworth
  • Valentino
  • Gianfranco Ferré



..and many more. Over the more recent years, it’s star power has been even increasing and celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Paris Hilton or Ariana Grande has chosen Mykonos for their holidays, making of the island one of the hottest travel destinations for celebrities.

Mykonos Celebrities

Is Mykonos just a party island?

Most visitors will say that the Greek island of Mykonos is the ultimate party destination. Although this statement holds a lot of truth, there is way more to do and enjoy on the famous Aegean island than just party. Despite its nightlife attractions, Mykonos does not offer only nocturnal pleasures and adventures.

Where do celebrities go in Mykonos?

For example, the most gorgeous beach for romantic couples in Mykonos is Agios Sostis. Or, Agios Stefanos is the perfect beach to get away from public and have incredible experience. Lia Beach is great spot where celebrities like to “explore” with their partners. You can say the exact same thing for Paraga Beach.



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